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What we do

We offer a range of consulting services to both brands and agencies, and operationalize if need be. These are broadly bundled as follows (click each for more detail):
Business Strategy

From business process re-engineering and compliance, to strategic business development and ecommerce, we have the solution to take your business into the digital age.


Media buying, campaign strategy, social media strategy, CRM, email marketing, agency evaluation and selection, integration management. See anything you like?


Everything we do is centered around making businesses more efficient, and give them competitive edge through the use of new tech. Read about our solutions here.

Data & Analytics

Our speciality. Only the finest minds with the deepest love for data are permitted through our doors. Industry leading integrated dashboards & data services set us apart from

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About CopperTable

Where do we begin... Perhaps it's best we just tell you about our mission for being. The rest follows from there.
"enabling businesses to unlock opportunities driven by the power of technology"

Our mission at CopperTable is to be a facilitator of business strategy to businesses and marketers, using digital channels and new technology to open up opportunities to enhance their operations.

We offer consulting services to address internal and external issues these companies face on a daily basis, and with our expertise in marketing, data, strategy and technology, we unlock ways to optimise process, enhance marketing, utilise data and educate technology to be deployed.

Don't just take our word for it, speak to our clients and see how they feel about our work.

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